Major Collaborations

We collaborated with Rotary Clubs of different zones thrice for:-

1. Nirbhaya Sessions

2. Mental Health awareness programmes

We collaborated with societies to conduct fest for women empowerment and help them display their work and craft in it to encourage them.

We also do quarterly distribution drives for underprivileged and ensure to distribute things of need like blankets, slippers, woollens, Stationery items, books for students who can't afford.

We collaborated with the India Bull Riders for one such drives. We majorly cater to Leaper's Colonies for these drives.

As our work expanded, we split the workshops into three different categories (projects).

Institutions worked with

  • Delhi Police

  • Old Age

  • Leaper's Colony

  • Artist Colonies

  • Orphanages

  • Corporates

  • RWAs of Societies

  • Coaching Centers