Sabhyataa Spiritual Group is a team of Life Coaches intended to oust Depression and Stress from lives of people thus adding to Peace and Harmony in society and world. With the mission to help maximum people attain Sound Mental and Emotional Health. We use simple Cognitive Tools and Therapies that can be performed by anyone and everyone without cultural or religious obligations.  

Vision - Our vision is to establish a society free from Depression by the use of spiritual techniques thus creating a generation of people with sound mental health.Only a sound mental health can help restore peace harmony and oneness in the world.


Mission - By 2020 we are looking forward to heal at least 5000 people from Depression without the use of any medication

(as medication has side effects).

Till Date Team Sabhyataa has successfully done

Plantation of 1500+ trees across NCR 

2500 Personal Counselings done for depression.
580 workshops for women and children at ground level, 
26 programmes with Delhi Police
5 programmes with different institutions.

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