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Issues and Constraints

Being a small NGO with very little or no advertisement it becomes difficult to cater more people and area with less of funds and resources.

1. Absence of Networking

2. Lack of Funds

3. High Maintenance

The main constraint or hindrance we came across is to convince people to come up and do something for the society.

We wish to take up many projects but to do so NGOs need to constantly acquire funds. In some cases, we simply wait for donations or previous supporters to contact them. This practice will slow the successes of our NGO. Although partner organizations and supporters will want to continually support NGOs causes, they may possibly see more potential in other organizations and decide to fund others instead. Not having enough fund or Lack of availability of donations has been a major cause due to which lot of our projects get slow progress and we have to halt them till we arrange further funds.


Another more common problem we face is getting permission for tree plantation also maintenance of trees is a big issue as people sometimes uproot the freshly planted saplings and sell them.

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