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Growth of NGO and Approach Followed to understand the Problems and create Awareness

We started talking to women and children from nooks and corner of the society where no one pays attention to. To accomplish this we started interacting one to one with women from middle class, lower middle class and underprivileged backgrounds.

Slowly these turned to group sessions and workshops as women who understood our concern passed on what they learnt from us. Slowly our workshops for children also became popular. Till now we have done 600 workshops for women and children. This includes workshops related to subjects like - depression, anxiety, panic, disease and mental health, trauma, PTSD etc. The workshops discussed in length the role of cognitive therapy, disadvantages of taking allopathic for mental health.

Alongside mental health we started planting trees in green belts which were allotted to religious institutions. This project exposed us to backlash from the trustees of the religious institutions but we didn't give up and continue planting trees wherever we could thus fetching appreciation from local leaders, aspiring politicians and youth who later joined us voluntarily for the tree revolution project.


In 2016 we tried approaching Delhi Police for sessions and got major success with 17 sessions in 2016. Till now we have done 27 sessions with Delhi Police without asking for anything in return. However after a time the Police Force started paying the Trainer's Honorarium for whoever went for training on behalf of Sabhyata and that amount was not claimed by Sabhyata.

2020 we started with Nirbhayaa Project which demanded from us going to slum areas to spread awareness about self-defence, good touch bad touch, menstrual hygiene, domestic violence. Nirbhaya Project is the only project that also marked the beginning of our work in Kolkata.